New Products

LX knife system

LX Closed Head

Introducing the LX knife system:

Lindex offers an entirely new (patent pending #17/069387) knife system. The new knife design creates a unique chip flow producing a quality and uniformed chip while reducing cutting forces.  Like all Lindex systems, LX is simple, strong, and a cost-effective alternative to the competition. The LX is a single-use knife that, in most applications can be honed for additional runs.

Thermally sprayed and fused coatings

Tungsten carbide reinforced Nickel-based metal matrix composite is our most wear resistant coating and can be reapplied over itself during rebuild. This coating is ideal for tight tolerance applications where the coating can be precision ground or where a smooth coated finish is desired.


Drop carbide overlays: This coating option is a metal matrix composite composed of a metal matrix with Tungsten carbide embedded in the metal matrix. Works well in tough, high abrasion applications like feed-roll flights and hog hammers.


Barkwell Arms

Barkwell arms produce a smooth log that is virtually free of bark. The arms are compact, light- weight, and made of drop forged alloy, designed to fit Nicholson 22”-27”, and Valon Kone (B) machines. Barkwell arms are an easy and trouble free upgrade.