Lindsay Forest Products offers new debarker arms for most machines.  The company has been an innovator in tool design utilizing forging, casting, and fabrication to improve debarking performance.

Lindsay Forest Products also offers a complete repair service for debarker arms and a variety of tool debarking tips.

Tool Arms for Debarkers

  • Many different tip designs to accommodate different debarking situations.
  • Available for most machines
    • Cambio
    • Forano
    • Nicholson
    • Valon Kone
    • Salem
    • Brunette


  • Repairs are available on various types of tool arms
  • Tip repairs are also available

Barkwell Arms

  • Dropped forged one piece design
  • Available for Nicholson  22”-27”, VK 17”-27” Machines
  • Lindsay 2 sided carbide tips  Patent #10,214,800
Barkwell Logo

Debarking Tips

2 Piece Plate Arms for Nicholson, Valon Kone, and Salem Machines