Lindsay Forest Products

Serving the Sawmill and

Lumber Industries

Lindsay Company began initial operations in 1951, focusing on providing cutting tools for the machining industry in the Pacific Northwest. 

In 1981 David Lindsay established Lindsay Forest Products and expanded the company’s market into the forest industry by introducing the first carbide-tipped debarking arm. Since then, the company has concentrated on the sawmill and lumber industry and has grown into a complete service manufacturer for the wood products industry.   

With its well-distributed locations in Vancouver, WA. Carthage, TX, and Chilliwack, BC Canada, Lindsay Forest Products can provide personal service to all parts of the United States and Canada.

Historic Wood Mill
Debarking Line

Lindsay Forest Products offers new debarker arms for most machines.  The company has been an innovator in tool design utilizing forging, casting, and fabrication to improve debarking performance.

In 1999 Lindsay Forest Products introduced Lindex Chipping System. The system is cost-effective and user-friendly with its clampless design and re-grindable knives.   “Simple but Strong”

Lindex Chipping System
Lindex Equipment

Lindsay Forest Products is proud to manufacture, rebuild, and provide quality spare parts for all types of Rotors, Chippers, Debarkers, and Infeed | Outfeed Conveyors.

Lindex offers an entirely new (patent pending #17/069387) knife system. The new knife design creates a unique chip flow, producing quality and uniformed chips while reducing cutting forces.

Lindex New Products