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Arms for Debarkers

  • Reduce impact on tip while opening
  • Arms open quicker, reducing wear on arms
  • Less wear on machine parts because of quicker opening
  • Drop forged arms for superior strength
  • Arms also fabricated from Astralloy for strength and durability
  • New lighter design for improved barking performance
  • Fabricated arms with replaceable tool holders
  • Arms available with carbide lead edge

Tip Options

  • Different tip designs to accommodate all different debarking situations
  • Indexable 4 sided carbide style tips now available
  • Carbide tips available with different hook angles for all applications
  • Indexable carbide tips with the various hook angles


  • Complete repairs are available on various types of fabricated arms
  • Repairs to lead edge and tool holder available
  • Tip repairs are also available