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New Products

The New GEN-5 Knife System
for Round Seqment Applications

More Compact Design Offers:

Options on Number of Pockets

Gullets Increased = More Potential Cam Area

Stronger Mounting

Replaceable Wear Inserts

Lower Hardware Costs

Works with Spiral and Herringbone Cut Patterns

Click here to download our full colour PDF Brochure.

Simpler - Stronger - Fewer Parts

Lindex Disc Chipping System

Finally a knife system that offers the best of both conventional and disposable systems. 


  • Designed to fit most disc chippers
  • Strong, simple system that utilizes a 2-sided knife that can be resharpened multiple times.
  • No babbitt or adjusting of anvils between regrinds.
  • Fewer parts, no clamps – making knife changes easy.
  • Lower knife costs than disposable systems.

Click here to download our full colour PDF Brochure.

New Lindsay 18" Rotor
and Airbag System

  • Completely New Rotor Design with 3-Piece Bearing Cassette.
  • New Airbag Kit � Simple � Strong � No Canisters (will fit old-style rotors).

Bolt in New Bearing Cassette,
Slip in 1-Piece Toolholder Bearing Pockets.