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Wear Reduction, Chippers, Planers, File Room

Save Money and Recondition your Worn Parts

Lindsay Forest Products will install tool steel wear inserts into the high wear areas of your knife holders for a fraction of the cost of new parts. Your reconditioned parts are guaranteed to be with in tolerances set out by the original manufacturer.

Repair services available for all disposable knife system parts as well as conventional chipper systems and planer parts.

Variations of Wearproofing

HVOF - (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) system is a kerosene based combustion gun which heats and deposits the powdered material onto the components. What makes this system unique is the hypersonic (3,900 feet per second) speed in which the particle impacts the substrate. This creates a well bonded, very low porosity coating with excellent hardness.

Wire Arc - (Thermal Spray) this system employs a design in which the desired material is in wire form. An arc is created between two wires at the tip of the gun with a ported air pressure behind the arc atomizing the material and depositing it on the substrate. This is a low cost, high volume system mostly used for repair and build-ups.

Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt
This coating is engineered for use in high wear and lightly abrasive or erosive conditions, protecting your valuable components and saving you money in maintenance costs and down time.