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New Products

CNS4 4-Sided Knife System
Lindex CNS4

Featuring 4-Sided Knives That Can Be Re-Sharpened Multiple Times

Designed for high speed and tough applications to give quality chips and finishes with simplicity.

There are fewer components than other systems. The holder is inlaid with carbide to reduce wear. Knife changes will be quicker than with other systems.

There are no clamps to remove. Just replace the knife.

The costs of running CNS 4 by LINDEX will be dramatically less due to a 4-sided regrindable knife, and fewer parts to purchase.

Click here to download our full colour PDF Brochure.

Simpler - Stronger - Fewer Parts

Lindex Disc Chipping System

Finally a knife system that offers the best of both conventional and disposable systems. 


  • Designed to fit most disc chippers
  • Strong, simple system that utilizes a 2-sided knife that can be resharpened multiple times.
  • No babbitt or adjusting of anvils between regrinds.
  • Fewer parts, no clamps – making knife changes easy.
  • Lower knife costs than disposable systems.

Click here to download our full colour PDF Brochure.

New Lindsay 18" Rotor
and Airbag System

  • Completely New Rotor Design with 3-Piece Bearing Cassette.
  • New Airbag Kit � Simple � Strong � No Canisters (will fit old-style rotors).

Bolt in New Bearing Cassette,
Slip in 1-Piece Toolholder Bearing Pockets.