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Dual air bags and reservoir on each station to apply required tool pressure on all log sizes and conditions. Quick change air bag and canister mechanism.

Only two moving parts. Light weight air bag linkage for quick response over log irregularities. Needle bearings and seals at the pivot point. Rugged alignment control linkage with Teflon bearings.

Cam adjustment on large rubber bumper. Small rubber bumper included.

Lindsay heavy duty tool holder assembly available. Fine spline forged tool holder and lever to fit conventional style tools.

Lindsay Air Tensioning Systems

The LINDSAY air tool tensioning system is designed to give the best debarking results with minimum maintenance in all weather conditions. The system utilizes only two light weight moving parts that result in the best tool response and quality over knots and other irregularities. Debarker tools open far easier than the conventional rubber tension bands, especially in cold weather. The air bags and reservoir in conjunction with each other, give the required pressure to debark all log sizes with only one pressure setting. The air tensioning system mounts directly to the original mount holes in the 18? Cambio rotor with five small parts welded to the rotor barrel, no other modifications to the machine are necessary.