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  • Improved knife life.
  • Improved target size.
  • Reduced maintenance time to change knives and set-up heads.
  • Improved chip quality due to closed head design and the ability to maintain head RPM at all times.
  • Easily replaceable wear parts result in yearly cost savings.
  • Added inertia removing ‘bogging down’ with swelled butt logs.
  • Built-in chip limiters allow heavy cuts without ripping cants off the carriage or sharpchain.


Closed Heads

Lindsay is proud to offer advanced solutions to your chipping needs.

Introducing LINDEX Closed Conical Chipping heads for sharp chain, canter, curve saws, headrigs, and c-frames.

The Lindex Closed Conical Head offers: floating faceplate for tighter knife tolerances, helical design for total control, no adjustments between knife changes, longer knife life with an indexable regrindable knife, no knife clamps, and removable knife pockets.

Start increasing the return on your dollar today. Contact a Lindex representative in your area for more information. References and a complete user list available upon request.