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Centered Logs Open Feedworks Evenly
The log is supported through the feed works and carried by the conveyor squarely into the center of the debarker ring. Feed rate surges that can damage feed works are no longer a problem resulting in the feed work drives lasting remarkably longer.


Centered Logs Open Debarker Arms Evenly
Debarker arms open easier and more efficiently around a centered log; the arms do not have to force the log to the center of the ring before the logs engage the outfeed works. A log that is in the exact center of the debarker ring completely eliminates the pumping action of the arm resulting in very smooth operation of the tensioning system. Pumping action occurs when a log is fed to the debarker ring off center. The result is each arm has to open and close by the same distance the log is off center with each revolution of the ring. This renders the tensioning system more inefficient the further the log is off center.

Feed Conveyors

Infeed Conveyor
The addition of a LINDSAY self-centering log infeed conveyor into the debarker line greatly increases the efficiency while reducing the required maintenance of the debarker. This is accomplished by consistently presenting the log at the exact center of the feed works and debarker ring. The ?V? design of the conveyor trough allows the log to settle to the center of the chain as it travels along to locate laterally. The combination of the conveyor chain and the top guide roll located the log horizontally keeping the center line of the log in the center of the feed works of the debarker at all times. As a result, the feed works of the debarker are required only to power the log through the machine while the conveyor carries the weight. The independently powered conveyor chain and top guide roll provide a constant, stable infeed pressure resulting in improved debarking and fewer feed works failures.

Outfeed Conveyor 18? Thru 30?


Centralized lubrication system for single station lubrication.
Powerful hydraulic drive or other drive styles available.
Heavy duty margin flexible chain coupler.
Adjustable heavy duty rod ends link top and bottom rolls.
Automatic air tension control system.















Hydraulic Drive

Centralized lubrication system

Standard pillow block bearings

Standard flanged bearings

Air bag tensioning system

Powered top guide roll (Hydraulic drive only)

Automatic air tension control system

Contoured high speed heavy duty chain